Before we had ever tried dinner at 1900 Park Fare (definitely the family’s favorite dinner at WDW), my serious love interest was 50s Prime Time Cafe (50s PTC from here on out).  On a high school trip to Magic Music Days, my girlfriends and I happened upon the kitschy restaurant when looking for a place to redeem our dining vouchers.  Thirteen years later, we still talk about how much fun it was!! With these fond memories in mind, I knew I had to make a reservation here when planning the kids’ first fateful trip to the World.  I was super worried because I had to be at work early that day, which totally threw off my plan to be on the phone when the clock struck 8:00 over on the Eastern sea board.  Fortunately, I scammed someone into covering for me, and I sat in the staff break room anxiously spilling my first-time WDW trip planner dining hopes and dreams to the very sweet and indulgent cast member. As luck would have it, there were several openings (meaning I probably could’ve called at regular people hours)…who knew this little Hollywood Studios restaurant wasn’t quite as popular as breakfast in Cinderella Castle.  Ya know, though, there is a slight chance that I may have been more excited about going back to mom’s kitchen than the royal dining room. Walking into 50s PTC for me was like stepping into all of the tv shows I used to nerdily watch in black and white on Nick at Nite in the early 90s…the Dick van Dyke Show, My Three Sons and pretty much any version of Lucy…but it was in color!!  Soooo cool. 50s Prime Time Cafe (2) 50s Prime Time Cafe (3) 50s Prime Time Cafe (4) 50s Prime Time Cafe (5)

Sorry for the blur!  Our 2010 trip…my mom had those little nesting baskets when I was a kid.
Being goofy in 2008

As soon as you check in, you’re family.  I still remember Aunt Mary from our high school trip, our sister Emily from the 2008 trip and our crazy brother Mike from a grown-ups only trip in 2009.  So sorry, 2010 server, I can’t recall your name, but I’m sure you were hysterical!!  The servers act just as you’d expect your Aunt Mary or crazy little brother to act, throwing straws, talking about when you finally got those braces off and reminding you to eat your greens.  In fact, I’ve seen those who thumb their nose at their veggies have to stand in the corner!!  Oh, and let’s not forget Uncle Jesse.  Literally!!!  Mr. Stamos himself was hanging out at the 50s PTC bar when we ate here in 2009.  If I’d had the kids with me, I’d have sent them for autographs.  Alas, I didn’t, and we just quietly squealed at our table.

A less blurry shot taken by our “cousin.”
Right before she turned the camera on herself so we’d always remember her.  So fun!

If the atmosphere wasn’t enough to draw us in, the food is FANTASTIC!!  I’ve seen dozens of lukewarm and even bad reviews of the food here, but everything I’ve had here has been delicious.  It’s the perfect mixture of kitsch and comfort food, and it always hits the spot.

This was lunch from our 2008 trip.  We just rotated all of the entrees around the table because everything was so good.  On the left is my favorite 50s PTC dish, Grandma’s Chicken Pot Pie.  It’s creamy, flaky perfection, and I love it!!  Next is the yummy strawberry milkshake served in those freezing cold cups you see in the middle of the table.  You have to pour it into a glass so your tongue doesn’t stick.  Haha!!  Next is Dad’s Meatloaf.  The mashed potatoes are super good, but, much to sis Emily’s chagrin, I wasn’t a fan of the green beans.  I prefer the over processed canned ones.  😉  Back on the right is a stuffed pepper that I don’t think is on the menu anymore.  I’m sure it was good.  I’m not a pepper kinda gal.  Not pictured was my mom’s Mom’s Old Fashioned Pot Roast…as delish as you remember!

A little of everything if you can't decide...fried chicken, pot reast and meatloaf!

A little of everything if you can’t decide…fried chicken, pot reast and meatloaf!

We’ve always been too full for dessert, but on this trip, sis Emily brought the kiddos Make-Your-Own Sundaes.  They loved dripping and drizzling all the toppings. I hear in recent years they’ve tuned down the crazy antics due to guest complaints, but I really hope that’s not the case.  I mean, if you’re coming to a theme restaurant, go with the theme!!  We’re eating here in December with a big group, so I’m really hoping for a rambunctious dinner! And I encourage everyone to try it at least once.  As long as you’re not trying for the same reservation time I am.

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