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To all who come to this happy blog: Welcome!  Magic, Memories, Mayhem is your blog.  Here we relive fond memories of past trips, and here you may savor the challenge and promise of your next Disney vacation. We’re dedicated to the ideals, the dreams and the hard-to-get reservations that create a fantastic trip…with the hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration to Disney guests all over the world!

Hey, Disney geeks and geeks-in-training!  I’m Jess, and that’s me over there.  Your resident Disney geek and the go-to gal for all my friends planning Disney vacations.  It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it!  That’s part of the reason Magic, Memories, Mayhem is here.  I love being that girl, but it takes a lot of time to type everything I know in messages, texts and emails.  Over and over.  And over.  I love dishing Disney over coffee (not really…I hate coffee, but it sounds good, right?) or mani/pedis, but the schedule doesn’t always allow for that, either, so this is the perfect way to get planning points to my friends, chock full of visuals and available anytime.

If you’re here for Disney planning fun (and not because we’re friends, and I made you poke around my blog) you’ll want to start here: Disney 101.  Unless you want to know more about little ol’ me and my crew.  In that case, keep reading.

In addition to running off to Disney as often as possible, I do actually hold down a full-time job between trips. 😉 I’m so lucky to be a teacher to some amazing students at an inner city elementary school.  Having come to this district from an more affluent school, I have to say these kids have taught me so much.  I absolutely can’t wait to get into my classroom each day and see what adventures (or misadventures) we’ll have while trying to navigate place value, adjectives and recess.  Life in our classroom (and any classroom!) is always a journey, so keep your eyes peeled as I am slowly building my teacher blog, which will, no doubt, have some magical touches, as well.

Outside of teaching, I’m happy to say I’m back in school myself working on my Master’s in Instructional Leadership and Curriculum. Boomer Sooner! Work and school, in addition to our busy family life, make for packed days, but it’s always worth it!

Magic, Memories, Mayhem
Cinderella Castle from the Polynesian Village

Like I said, the pages here, especially when Disney-focused, will be filled to the brim with visuals because I am never anywhere without camera in hand.  Photography runs in the blood, and I’m no exception.  As you can see over there, I even had a camera on my while hammock bound at our Disney home, Disney’s Polynesian Village.  Don’t get me wrong, I really try to be in every moment, but I love seeing the world through a lens.  And, hello, Disney was made for pictures!!  And if you’re the kind of planner I am, you’ll love the visuals.

In addition to being an outlet for my photography hobby, you’ll also find some tidbits from our home and family life, projects, parties and stuff that’s just plain fantastic!  The MMM family is always out and about doing something, and we’re always glad to let you in on the fun.  And that brings us to the crew!

Two of my favorite photography subjects are these two full-fledged junior Disney geeks.  Now, HBelle is well-adjusted and has other interests, but Stitchy is a hopeless Disney addict.  As he gets older, he is branching out into sports, art and other things normal kids do, but he’s always ready for the next trip!  Haha!  But who isn’t, right?  Both kids have mini-blogs right here on Magic, Memories, Mayhem that are updated on an “as we can” basis aka very sporadically.

Family and friends-who’ve-become-family are so important to us and will pop up here and there on the blog, so here’s a sneak peek at some of our crazy crew comprised of moms, dads, grandparents, friends, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles and more!  Basically everyone we could convince to hang out with us on vacation.

Magic, Memories, Mayhem

We’re so glad you stopped by the blog and hope you’ll hang out for a bit!  Please feel free to comment with any questions on any of the posts and pages, or contact us here.  And while you’re soaking in some Magic, Memories and Mayhem, we’d love if you checked us out on…

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Again, thanks so much for coming to play!

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