Stitchy-poo Says: I Love Disney World

Why I Love Walt Disney World

I like Disney World because it Has Sorin, Star Tours, Small World and Toy Story.  Disney World is awsome!

Toy Story Mania

Me and Kyler

Monsters i.n.c. is my Favrite Disney movie.  My 2nd is Wrekit Ralhp.  And I Love seeing The chactars.

Stitchy Loves Disney001

Mickey is the Best Chactar Because Mickey is the Star and He’s awsome.

I like going on trips because it makes me verey Happy.  It makes me Happy because im cofrtebl (comfortable) on the plane.  I’m Happy ther because it lots and lots of fun rides and great breakfast and being with my family plus my frends.

Sorcerer Mickey Costume

We’re awsome!!

Stitchy-poo Says: Hello and My Favorite Character

Hi I am STITCHY-poo. This is me.
Stitchy-pooat Epcot

I   Like    Toys  and    I  LIke  Food     and  video games.  I  Like  to  make   Storys. I  Like   my   LittLe   Brother.*

I  Like   Mickey Mouse   and     Oswald.  I  met  Mickey Mouse   alot.I met  Mickey  111 times.**  when you  meet   Mickey Mouse   give   him    a   kis  on   the   nose.

Sorcerer Stitchy-poo and Sorcerer Mickey


*Stitchy-poo loves his little cousin so much he’s promoted him to “little brother!”  Just putting this here so no one thinks we’ve banished a secret child from our vacation pictures.  Hahaha!!
**Figure may or may not be accurate.  😉