We had the pleasure of dining at Biergarten, located in Germany in Epcot’s World Showcase, on Stitchy-poo’s second trip to the World.  I chose Biergarten, or rather Biergarten chose us, because it was the only restaurant with Candlelight Processional Package availability at the late date I booked it.  I didn’t have extremely high or low expectations.  I didn’t have any at all, actually.  Although it started out a little rocky (wait, we have to share a table?), we really enjoyed it.  Even more important, we were introduced to pretzel rolls.  Epically yummy.


Also, I have to apologize for the quality and quantity of pictures here.  Stitchy-poo was asleep, I was trying to manage the unexpected table sharing (yes, I forgot to share that little tidbit with the fam) and the batteries were dying.  I snapped a few pics and was done.

On that note, although strollers aren’t typically allowed in the restaurant, we were told if we didn’t mind a table in the “back,” we could stroll him in and not wake him.  Your miles may vary.

Once everyone was comfortable, we actually enjoyed chatting with our dining companions.  They were an older couple and sister.  If I recall correctly, they were Disney vets, and the husband was military, so he and gpa had plenty to chat about between sets.

That brings us to the entertainment.  Oktoberfest Musikanten plays, sings, dances and, of course, yodels during your meal!  They had children and adults up and dancing near the stage.  Had we not had a sleeping child, we’d probably have joined in, too.  😉


The atmosphere in Biergarten goes right along with the music and really gives you the feeling that you’re Oktoberfesting with tables full of new friends.


I was a little apprehensive about the food choices.  I don’t know German food.  I’ve only ever been to the Frankfurt airport, and I’m pretty sure I only ate Goldfish there.  I had visions of greasy sausage and saurkraut.  And they had that, but they also had a lot I really enjoyed!  Their cucumber salad was delicious, and like I said, the pretzel rolls are worth a return trip!!  I can’t say how well your average kiddo would enjoy the restaurant, as ours was snoozing, but if they’re hot dog fans, you can probably convince them to try a lot of what the buffet has to offer by looks alone.


That’s my plate with the cucumber salad!

When all’s said and done, even though we haven’t been back to the German restaurant, I’d definitely return.  In fact, now I’m thinking of trying for a walk-up on our next trip.  Mmmmm…pretzel rolls…

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