Goofy’s Kitchen

Although I spent my early years wandering the Happiest Place on Earth, it had been over a decade since I’d been to Disneyland when I started planning the kids’ first trip.  It was the finale to the great American road trip from Oklahoma to California.  We only had three days at the West coast Disney Parks, but being the character meal advocate that I am, we had to see what Disneyland Dining had to offer.  Our first glimpse into character dining at Disneyland was Goofy’s Kitchen, located in the historic Disneyland Hotel.

Goofy's Kitchen


Intermission: Happiest Trip on Earth!!

Despite what it seems, I haven’t abandoned ship again.  December, as usual, is overflowing with holiday fun, and I just haven’t had the time I’d like to sit down and write about our fantastic trip.  However, I did have time (and by time I mean set up my computer to do this while I slept) to convert and upload our videos from our Route 66 road trip to California and Disneyland!!  I’ll warn you…it’s long.  Real long.  But I just take the YouTube videos straight from our family DVDs, so all the funny little things that are only entertaining to us are still in the footage.  I do plan to use my “red pen” a little more for future YouTubing, though.  I mean, a 30-minute YouTube video is kind of overkill…even for me. 😉  Without futher ado for your viewing (and fast forwarding!!) pleasure…

What I Did on My Summer Vacation…