The Oklahoma Aquarium

The Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks, OK is a non-profit research facility that provides a world-class look at aquatic life right in the middle of landlocked Oklahoma.  This was our first trip to the aquarium, and we had a great time!!  It’s definitely something we’d visit again next time we’re in the area.

So, climb aboard, explorers! We’re headed for…

Oklahoma Aquarium


Native Day at School

A few days before school was out for summer this year, Stitchy was part of the Native performance at his school. His little buddy’s parents are part of a performance group, and they try to come to the school at least once a year for a cultural presentation. It most often coincides with Land Run Day, which, here in Oklahoma, is the celebration of the settlers claiming “their” land. While this is a huge part of Oklahoma history, the day’s events don’t usually share the whole story. Enter Native Day. At the elementary level, the goal isn’t yet to go into the specifics regarding how Natives were a part of the Land Run, but to introduce the students to the Native culture and show everyone that Natives are not a thing of the past; their classmates are still involved in a very active and traditional life.

Native Dancing001 Native Dancing002

Stitchy-Poo’s 8th Birthday Party: We’re Gonna Wreck It!

I can’t believe it’s been a year already since Stitchy’s last birthday party!!  My babies are growing waaaay too fast (HBelle just graduated 5th grade, too!!)!!  Last year, we threw a backyard carnival, but this year we decided to WRECK IT!!  Stitchy was wavering between Mario and Sonic, so we decided to turn to Disney (of course).  A Wreck-It Ralph theme gave us a reason to throw together Stitchy’s favorite video game characters!

Wreck-It Ralph Party


Don’t Forget to Remember

As another Memorial Day comes, there are no doubt those enjoying the day off, barbecues and sales, but don’t forget to remember the real meaning of the day…

Memorial Day002 Memorial Day003 Memorial Day001

Photos taken at Shades of Green at the Walt Disney World Resort

All gave some, some gave all.  Remember the fallen.

Stitchy-poo: Future Track Star!

Over the last couple of months, we got our first taste of the life of a soccer (well, track) mom.  My gpa signed Stitchy-poo up for track with our local YMCA’s spring track program.  Stitchy-poo was the kid who picked flowers in the outfield during his one season of t-ball.  He didn’t even want to set foot on the soccer field.  Track seems to be his thing, though, and I’m so glad he’s found an extracurricular!



Stitchy-poo’s 6th Birthday Cruise

I decided to go out-of-town for his 6th birthday and hoped his pals (and their parents) would follow.  I chartered a water taxi on the Bricktown Canal, which is about a 30-minutes drive from our hometown.  The taxi ran us almost $225 for the hour, and the boat held 40 people.  This was the only party of his where RSVPs were of the utmost importance.  I asked his friends to RSVP to receive a ticket to board and that no one would be able to ride without one.  It worked out well, and a few of the parents stayed back at the playground, so we had a little extra room on the boat.

Bricktown Water Taxi