Tomorrow is the last day of summer camp with my sweet pre-k kiddos, so I’ve been filling the last week with lots of fun projects to go out with a bang (and also use up some of our leftover supplies).  Today was chocolate day!  Really, isn’t that the best theme day you’ve ever heard of?  Me, too.  In addition to some yummy snacks, we got down and dirty with the sugary stuff and made some super sensory and super sweet works of art.

Chocolate Art

Before we bite into our project, I have to brag on one of the mommies in my class.  We had a different theme day each day this week, and this mama made something for each day.  When today rolled around, I thought she might’ve bought her girly-girl a chocolate themed shirt…maaaybe.  I mean, who really gets decked out for chocolate day?  It’s all about the yum factor.  Well, the sweet little ginger showed up with this…

Chocolate Headband

How adorable is that!?!? Way to go Pinterest mommy!

Ok, so onto the masterpieces!  Obviously there are no “rules” for this project, but I’ll tell you what we did.


  • Glossy paper (to avoid bleed through)
  • Chocolate syrup (paint)
  • Chocolate pudding powder (glitter)
  • Chocolate chips (embellishments)
  • Chocolate bars (crayons…and a snack)
Chocolate Art

Syrup in paint cups (we use repurposed Easter egg dye cups), dry supplies on a paper plate

I did recommend the kids paint a little before they added the “glitter” so it would have something to stick to, but other than that, I just let them go wild.

Chocolate Art Chocolate Art Chocolate Art

Chocolate Art

Of course Pinterest daughter is painting sweet hearts!

When it came time to attach the chips, the kids had a variety of different methods.  Some licked the backs and smashed them down while other painted the backs to “glue” them to the paper.  Others just handled them so much that they melted, then they smeared it onto their masterpiece.  All methods were equally messy and delicious.

Chocolate Art

The only dud in the group was the chocolate bar crayons.  A few of the kids could get them to write, but most of them couldn’t grasp the concept of using the corner and that it wouldn’t make the same vibrant marks a regular crayon would.  If at first you don’t succeed, eat the crayon.

Were they the prettiest pictures you’ve ever seen?  Probably not.  Was it the most attention-capturing project we did all summer?  Absolutely.  And our room smelled the way I imagine Willy Wonka’s factory does all morning.  Oh, and there are leftovers for the teachers to snack on as we convert the rooms back to their school year form.  Win-win.

Chocolate Art

Now I’m thinking of all the candy art possibilities out there.  Any suggestions?