School’s out here in Oklahoma, and that mean summer camps!!  This summer I’m working with some super sweet pre-k kiddos at a new-to-me camp.  I love this age because they are SO into everything you introduce to them.  We’re one week in and have already done lots of fun projects!

As usual, Oklahoma weather is having its ups and downs, and one day this week we had torrential morning rains that left our playground a big puddly mess.  My co-leader and I had to put our heads together and come up with some activities to fill the recess hour.  Luckily, we use coffee filters as snack “plates.”  Boom…coffee filter jellyfish to go with our ocean theme!  Here’s our super cute and easy project…

Coffee Filter Jellyfish


Coffee Filters

1. Watercolors are Your Friend

Watercolors are the perfect paint for this project!  The kids had so much fun watching all of the colors “mush” together.

Coffee Filter Jellyfish

2. Allow to Dry Completely

We left these overnight to dry because the watercolors leave the filters very delicate.

3. Cut Streamers

Coffee Filter Jellyfish

4. Attach Streamers

Pinch the middle of the filter.  We added three streamers to each jellyfish.  Staple into place, and stick a fork in it, you’re done!

Coffee Filter Jellyfish

My fabulous co-leader, Kira, who was mostly the brains behind this project.

Coffee Filter Jellyfish Coffee Filter JellyfishWe wanted to hang ours in the room, so we took paper clips and stabbed one end through the pinch in the middle and hung on a wire shelf near the art area.

Coffee Filter Jellyfish010

And that’s how we got our sweet little school of jellyfish!

Coffee Filter Jellyfish Coffee Filter Jellyfish Coffee Filter Jellyfish