Another component of MyMagic+ is the slightly confusing Memory Maker.  This is one where being a Disney World veteran kind of put you at a disadvantage.  You knew all about PhotoPass, you had just gotten used to PhotoPass+, and here comes Memory Maker making herself at home.  No worries, though, it’s really just a name change and a few deadline differences.

Let me start out with this: PhotoPass is a service.  Memory Maker is a product.  As soon as I looked at it that way, it made perfect sense.

For you veterans, Memory Maker is the current version of the PhotoPass CD with all the perks of PhotoPass+ (dining photos, ride photos, etc.).  Plus videos!

*The mom and I are in the bottom right.

And these slightly useless but cute animated photos.


Hey, it’s Sarah from Sweet Lil You on the left!!

Memory Maker Basics

Pre-Purchase Memory Maker and Save $30

If you pre-purchase Memory Maker at least three days prior to your first photo, you’ll get away with a (still slightly stinging) $169 price tag.  Granted, you’re at Walt Disney World, so it’s really a drop in the bucket, yes?  However, you may as well make the drop a teeny bit smaller if you can, right?  While unphotogenic folks or people who didn’t run into enough PhotoPass photogs could at one time request a refund on a pre-purchase, this is not the case with Memory Maker.  If you pre-purchase, make sure to smile pretty or make funny faces or at least stop at a good amount of photographers, ride the thrillers and eat at restaurants that take pre-meal shots (no, not those kind).

Get Out There and Get Paparazzied

Now that you plunked down just south of $200, all that’s left is to be the center of attention.  Like I said, be gorgeous or goofy (or both!) and stop at every photog you can find.  You have three options to get the pictures into your account.  You can have the photographer scan your MagicBand, park ticket or they still have old school PhotoPass cards.  If you go this route, remember the old trick and take a photo of the code on the back because you’ll have to manually enter those.  This way you’re still covered if you lose the card.

If you’re using a MagicBand, on-ride photos and videos will automatically sync to your account via magical RFID waves.  Cards (and bands if you want to make sure you got the media in your account) can also be scanned at the end of the ride when you view the images.  Cool (and only a little creepy), right?

The New Deadlines

With Memory Maker, you have 45 days from the date your picture is taken until it expires.  You can take as many pictures as you want in that 45 days, and they will all be included in your Memory Maker download.

Once you redeem your Memory Maker, you have 30 days to download the images.

“Download All” redeems your Memory Maker.  Just follow the prompts.  You’ll access the created folders with your images and videos under “My Downloads.”

Here’s where the folders would be if I had any right now.  You can also download your limited license to get your photos printed.  I’ve never had to produce it, but better safe than sorry.

And you’re all set!


Here are a few extra tips…

  • Photos of any guests on your reservation will automatically populate in your account and will be included in your download.  If you want to share with friends and family not on your reservation, you can “friend” each other via My Disney Experience.  Make sure they have given permission to see their PhotoPass photos, or they won’t show in your account.  Also know that if they want to edit any images (we’ll get to that in a second), they have to do it inside your account.  Any edits in their account won’t show in yours.
  • I always back up on an external hard drive and upload to a photo hosting site (I know, I’m paranoid), but you can also order the images on disc for $30.
  • You can download as many times as you want within your deadlines, but the more folders there are, the slower the site.  I suggest waiting to download until you’ve finished all your editing.

Now, a quick lesson on

Editing Your PhotoPass Photos

Here’s the PhotoPass site:


All the photos you’ve taken will populate by date and are separated by location (four major parks, resorts, etc.).  Your faces won’t be blurry.  Hopefully.

First, you’ll choose the photo you want to edit.


I think the Fab Five are lookin’ pretty cute on Main Street USA, so I choose this one.  Just click the pic, and your editing window will open.

Editing Disney's PhotoPass Photos


You can add borders…


and/or stickers.  Stickers can be resized, moved and rotated.

Editing Disney's PhotoPass Photos
Editing Disney's PhotoPass Photos

In the top module, you can change the print size.  This is VERY important when adding borders or stickers near the edge of images you intend to print in larger formats.  The images are 4x6 by default.  You can also play with color.

Editing Disney's PhotoPass Photos

You can also use the zoom button to crop.  Bestie shot turned romantic portrait!

Editing Disney's PhotoPass Photos

***Important Tip***

When you have your image how you want it or prior to editing, be sure to CREATE A COPY!!!  If you “save and exit” without doing this, your original unedited image will cease to exist.  Well, not really.  You can go through the hassle of having to contact guest services, describe the image and hope they recover it.  Or you can just CREATE A COPY!

Editing Disney's PhotoPass Photos
Editing Disney's PhotoPass Photos
Editing Disney's PhotoPass Photos

Now your edited pics will be included in your download!  Good job!

Let's start planning your trip full of Magic, Memories and maybe even a little Mayhem!