I’ll warn you now. This will be picture heavy. We LOVE dinner at 1900 Park Fare!!! Since our first dinner with Cinderella and the fam, we knew it would be a must-do on every trip. Although we haven’t had an experience as perfect as that first one, this meal at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa never disappoints!

1900 Park Fare


After checking in, you’ll primp here for your big PhotoPass photo shoot.  Sometimes literally.  If it’s somewhat slow, they’ll take two dozen pictures of your hungry faces. During the holidays, there’s a Christmas tree to make it just that much more festive. These pictures will show up in your account after you scan your MagicBand with the photog.

1900 Park Fare

Once you’re inside, the restaurant itself seems very understated. Muted colors, almost nursery-like turn of the century decor. Brass touches around the restaurant add a little shine. 1900 Park Fare is also home to Big Bertha, a gorgeous organ on the wall above the main dining room.

Also, be on the lookout if you’re seated on the wall.  There are several outlets in this restaurant, and you could easily fuel your cell while fuel yourself.


Despite the varied reviews, I think the food here is pretty good. The menu ebbs and flows with the seasons and the chefs, but it’s been consistently one of our favorite places not only in terms of fun but also food. Although the buffet may seem visually smaller than other options on property, it is varied and yummy! I won’t lie, though, my incredible fondness for the restaurant’s signature strawberry soup, available at both breakfast and dinner, may be coloring my entire culinary perception.  So there ya go.




Both breakfast and dinner offer characters.  Breakfast plays host to Winne the Pooh, Tigger, Alice, Mad Hatter and Mary Poppins, typically, while dinner brings in Cinderella and her family. And dinner is what keeps us coming back over and over again!! Cinderella may seem to be the headliner at this dinner party, but this show is all about the Tremaines! Anastasia, Drizella and their mama, Lady Tremaine, steal the limelight 100%. They’re flirty, loud and hysterical! Prince Charming rounds out the crew at dinner, and he definitely has his moments, too.  And when he doesn’t, he’s just nice to look at (amirite, moms?!)


Breakfast Characters



Prince Charming

Fairy Godmother


Lady Tremaine

Now, don’t get me wrong. A Fairy Godmother is useful and all, but this crew prefers our mothers Wicked Step as opposed to Fairy God. Lady Tremaine is far more our style!



No 1900 Park Fare entry would be complete here at Magic, Memories, Mayhem without a nod to that first dinner, which was also, unfortunately, that trip where we lost a camera and all the pictures from this dinner. Wahhh! Luckily, I had the video rolling, and we have this fun snippet to look back on now.

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