This meal will always hold a special place in my happy Disney heart, as it was one of the very first experiences the kidlets had at Disney.  I woke up early on a cold December morning and started calling Disney dining (this was pre-online reservations) even before the phone lines had opened to insure I was one of the first calls of the day.  Yes, it used to be that crazy!  I got through the second time around and was able to score a pre-park opening breakfast reservation at Cinderella’s Royal Table.  Yes, the first thing the kids were going to do on their first morning of their first Disney trip was walk right down the middle of Main Street USA and into that beautiful castle to have breakfast with the Disney princesses!!

Cinderella's Royal Table

And with those early breakfasts sometimes come shots like this! One of my all-time favorite family photos shot candidly by the gma in what looks like our own private park. Not to shabby for the kids’ first moments in the Magic Kingdom, eh?


Cinderella welcomes her royal guests with a PhotoPass portrait.  Be sure to scan your MagicBand post shoot if you want the images in your account.

Cinderella’s Royal Table

Obviously one would expect Cinderella’s dining room to be immaculately royal. It is, after all, breathtaking from the outside. However, Cinderella’s Royal Table must be the room she uses for company, because the interior left me a bit underwhelmed. I know. Cue bratty comments here. The dining room itself is small, which was expected, but I just didn’t get the “wow” I was expecting. I don’t what exactly I had in mind, but it didn’t match actuality. Don’t get me wrong, though, the windows are beautiful and the restaurant is comfortable, it’s just not what I’d pictured. But that obviously doesn’t stop us from repeat business.




Cinderella’s Royal Table offers a somewhat small menu featuring five to six entrees per menu at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some items are seasonal and do change with the chefs. Despite the small variety, we’ve always been very satisfied with the options and found they seemed to please pretty much everyone’s tastes at our table.



It’s all about the royal ladies here! Cinderella greets guests, as we mentioned earlier, and her girlfriends are mixing and mingling in the dining room. Since the tables are few, the princesses spend a bit more time at the tables, in our experience, than more demanding character meals, which is nice. To extend your time, have a couple of questions or comments for your regal visitors – ask Snow if the apples are safe, does Aurora know a good spot for a nap, etc. They’ll play along without missing a beat, and you’ll have a bit more time with them than the standard autograph-pose-say cheese routing.





Snow White

My girl! Love me some Snow!!

Evolution of a Character Lover

We had visited Santa, the Easter Bunny and other characters in prep for Stitchy’s first visit to Walt Disney World, but that very first morning at his very first character meal, he wasn’t so sure…


We definitely recommend Cinderella’s Royal Table, especially for first time visitors. Not because of the great food (it’s a’ight), not because of the great value (it’s pricey out of pocket and two credits from your dining plan), not even because of the characters (and this crew LOVES a character meal). It’s because you’re at the most magical place on Earth, and you have the opportunity to eat in Cinderella Castle! This is the stuff Disney dreams are made of! Do it!