Stitchy-poo‘s room has undergone many a make-over in its seven years, but one of his favorite changes has been the dresser redo.

Chalkboard Dresser

I should probably start by telling you, I’m a Pinterest wannabe.  I have lofty dreams of beach glass, rainbow cakes and upcycled flea market finds, but half of the things I have pinned just have too many steps or call for ridiculous supplies.  This is NOT one of those projects.

I’d love to say that in a moment of genius, I decided to redo the dresser so Stitchy could freely express his artistic ideas in his closet while getting ready for the day.  I could pretend that was the case, I guess, but it really was just a spur of the moment project because I had to pull the dresser out of the closet to fix the drawers he had gotten off the track.  While I had it out in the open, I ran to my laptop and scanned Pinterest for an easy one-afternoon idea.  I saw plenty of really cute, perfectly mod podged, incredibly involved ideas.  Not gonna happen.  I did, however, see a chest of drawers turned into a magnet board with magnetic paint.  The light bulb above my head flipped on.  I had chalkboard paint in the garage.  Boom!  New dresser!

Step Uno: Clean the Drawers

Stitchy’s drawer fronts originally had picture/word labels so he could not only get himself ready but also start to recognize words.  A couple of squirts of Goo Gone, and those suckers were history.

Chalkboard Dresser Chalkboard Dresser


Step Deux: Take Off the Drawer Pulls

Grab a screwdriver and unscrew the pulls.  I put the screws back in the pulls so they stay together.  I’m famous for losing stuff seconds after it’s in my hands.

Chalkboard Dresser005 Chalkboard Dresser004

Step Three: Tape Anything You Don’t Want Painted

The top drawers had this weird little dip that is supposed to make it look like two drawers.  I don’t know.  I taped that off, as well as the edges.  I only had electrical tape on hand, and I knew I’d lose momentum if I went to buy painter’s tape.  It worked well for the most part.  There were just a few edges that weren’t clean, but it was an easy fix.  However, I plan to keep painter’s tape on hand for those on-a-whim projects.

Chalkboard Dresser

Step Quatro: Painting Time!

Follow the directions on your paint can.  I had spray paint, and it took two coats to get a solid black.  I gave it the rest of the day to dry.

Step Cinq: Put it Back Together

That’s it!  See, toldja I only do easy projects.

Chalkboard Dresser

All because I had to fix an off-track drawer.

There is a little issue with getting chalk on yourself if you accidentally rub against the dresser, but since it’s inside his closet, that doesn’t happen often.  All in all, we’re fans of the redo!

Stitchy-poo Says: “I love it!  You get to draw on it…and on most dressers you don’t get to.”

And there ya go!