Magic, Memories, Mayhem Family Life

We spend lots of time together as an extended family.  Parties, trips, family barbecues and more are just a part of family life for the Magic, Memories, Mayhem crew!

Party Time

6th Birthday Cruise

Stitchy's 6th Birthday Cruise

Sail the high seas (or the Bricktown Canal) with Stitchy and his friends as they celebrate his 6th birthday.

7th Birthday Carnival

Stitchy's 7th Birthday Carnival

Come one, come all to Stitchy’s 7th birthday backyard carnival! We had so much fun at this laid-back party, so enjoy the multitude of photos, along with our vendor list.

Stitchy's 8th Birthday Party

Stitchy's 8th Birthday Party

Wreck it with Stitchy and his friends as we celebrate his 8th birthday!


Stitchy's First Track Season

Stitchy's First Track Season

Our first full athletic season…ever!!  Take a look at Stitchy’s first organized sport.