So, in addition to trying to keep up with this sweet, little blog, I’m in the process of spring cleaning.  And, yes, I’m aware it’s summer.  I said “in the process.”  I promise it started during spring.  Anyway, I was working on the kitchen this week and decided that the (magnetic) door from the kitchen to the garage was just way too cluttered.  I originally gave the door to the kids to cover with their papers, magnets, pictures, a small dry erase board, etc., but it got overtaken quickly, so I decided that they could play with magnets on the bottom half, and we’d choose and rotate a few prized pictures, papers or master pieces to adorn the top.  I had an adorable magnetic Mickey head clip that came on the top of a bag of chocolate covered pretzels from the Earport at MCO, and I had snagged a 99 cent Disneyland magnetic clip from the Disney Store Outlet in Grapevine, TX.  The third clip was a big, ugly pharmaceutical promo clip that my mom probably received from a vendor at work.  Despite the fun I was having Magic Erasering the wainscoating and trying to cover up nail holes with framed pictures, I took a moment and, very quickly and easily, I might add, spruced up our new master piece holder.

So here is the clip in all it’s completely unthoughtful, not-so-aesthetic glory…

I knew I could plus that (points for anyone who knows why I used “plus”)…

I traced the front of the clip onto a leftover piece of Mickey Mouse scrapbook paper then cut it out.  Getting super complicated, right?

Next, I swiped one of the kids’ glue sticks to attach the paper to the clip.

I just happened to have some Disney letter stickers to decorate a bit, and here is where I’d Mod Podge it if I could ever do it correctly.  I didn’t.

And here it is holding up a picture from Halloween.  Yes, it was definitely time to clean. 😉

Now I wish we had more ugly magnets to cover!!