Although I spent my early years wandering the Happiest Place on Earth, it had been over a decade since I’d been to Disneyland when I started planning the kids’ first trip.  It was the finale to the great American road trip from Oklahoma to California.  We only had three days at the West coast Disney Parks, but being the character meal advocate that I am, we had to see what Disneyland Dining had to offer.  Our first glimpse into character dining at Disneyland was Goofy’s Kitchen, located in the historic Disneyland Hotel.

Goofy's Kitchen

When we arrived, there were hardly any other guests in or around the restaurant.  I wondered if I had the time wrong or the restaurant was closing.  Apparently mid-morning in mid-June is just not a crowded time at Goofy’s Kitchen.  This was going to be awesome!

We snapped a pic and played with Goofy a bit before being seated.  There were, literally, four other families in our area.  We’re so used to the lively, populated character meals at Disney World that we weren’t quite sure what to do.  We settled at the table and then headed to the buffet (which I have no pictures of, sorry!).  The food offerings were varied and yummy.  A nice mix of lunch and breakfast fare made for a wonderful brunch.

The characters didn’t have a rhyme or reason.  While the meals at Disney World are centered around a theme, you never knew who’d pop up next at Goofy’s Kitchen.  Even for this planner, though, that was really fun!

Goofy's Kitchen Goofy's Kitchen Goofy's Kitchen

Because of the low crowds in the restaurant, the characters spent a TON of time at each table.  In fact, Pluto visited us a second time and sat down to draw a self-portrait (video coming soon!) on our table “cloth.”  It was so much fun, and the kids still laugh about The Mad Hatter asking the Bippity Boppity Boutiqued girl next to us if she if she was wearing a “Bump-It.”  😀

Goofy's Kitchen Goofy's Kitchen Goofy's Kitchen Goofy's Kitchen

As we’ve only experienced this meal once, I can’t say for certain how typical our brunch was, but if it’s like this all the time, I absolutely recommend Goofy’s Kitchen!!  It was a great, relaxing start to our long weekend at Disneyland.

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