This is a super fun experience for your little Star Wars fan!!  Stitchy-Poo wasn’t that big of a Star Wars kid when he did Jedi Training Academy (JTA) the first time, but it was still something he wanted to try, and he had a great time!

So, let’s get to down to planning for it…

Disclaimer: The selection/sign-up process is from another source and not our personal experience.  On the day Stitchy-Poo did this, we were on a VIP tour, so our wonderful guide, Erin, set it up for him.

Update 10.15.12: Stitchy-poo and a friend participated in JTA again on a recent trip, and the Hollywood Studios selection process happened almost exactly as outlined on the AllEars site.


This show is quite popular, so a formal selection process has been implemented:

1. Go to the Sounds Dangerous attraction early in the day to sign up for one of the sessions. There is a sign out front indicating where to queue for the sign-up. It’s first-come, first-served, and when all the spots are full, the list is closed for the day. *All accounts I’ve read say to be at Hollywood Studios at rope drop/park opening and to head straight to sign up for this if you want the best chance at getting a spot.

2. Twelve children between the ages of 4 and 12 are taken for each session.

3. The cast member talks to each child in person before signing them up for the show.

4. You will be given instructions to return 30 minutes before your assigned show time.

We returned to the stage area, and Stitchy-Poo and I waited in line with the other kids who were in his training session while the rest of the fam got spots to watch the show.  The cast member made sure each child wanted to do the show and that they could follow simple instructions.

After everyone gave the thumbs up, the parents made their way to the audience while our little Jedis-to-be suited up (sorry, I’m not a Star Wars person, so I don’t know the lingo).  After we took our seats, the Jedi Master took the stage.  Ours was hilarious!  He was joined shortly after by his students and training began.

After the training session the stage was taken over by Darth Vader.  Each child took turns fighting him and eventually defeated him.  Each new Jedi receives a certificate from the Jedi Master at the end of their training.

It was a really fun experiece for Stitchy-Poo, and now that he’s getting into Star Wars, we may have to do it again!

Kid Quotes…
“I was kind of embarassed at first, but then it was awesome!  My favorite part was fighting Darth Vader!  I would totally do it again!” -Stitchy-Poo

Our Jedi Training Academy footage starts at 7:00 in this (really, really long) video of our day at Hollywood Studios.

And, in true Disney fashion, a PhotoPass photographer was present to capture all the action filled moments.  And, still in Disney fashion, they’ll try to sell them to you!  They will add them to your PhotoPass card free of charge, but when we were there, they had special borders you could only add in the parks and would have to purchase a print there to use them.  I passed.

***Update 10.15.12: This time, we received a Star Wars PhotoPass card instead of this slip of paper.  We still had to stop at the PhotoPass desk to add only his pictures to our personal PhotoPass card.***

In case you skipped the YouTube, here are the PhotoPass pics we received from the show.  There were quite a few, and we were really happy with the shots.

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