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This will be a short one, since there’s not that much to say about the Key to the World (KTTW) card.  However, when I was planning, I really liked visuals, so here ya go…

The KTTW card serves a few purposes at Disney World, but at the base, it’s your room key.

Each guest over the age of three in the room will received a KTTW with their name and dates.  The names are important if your tickets are on your KTTW.

That brings us to the second facet of your KTTW…tickets!!  If you’ve booked a package, your park tickets will be on your KTTW, as well.  This is why the names are important.  Once you enter your first park, you will (more than likely) do a finger scan that ties your tickets to you.  If you accidentally end up with someone else’s KTTW, chances are, you won’t be able to gain access to the parks.

If you haven’t booked a package, there are some cases where you can add your park tickets to your KTTW.  I haven’t had any experience with this, so I won’t venture into this territory, but if you have non-expiring tickets from a past trip or an outside vendor that you’d like added to your current KTTW, just speak with a ticketing CM or perhaps the concierge.

If you have a credit card on file for room charges, you can also opt to tie your credit card to your KTTW.  This is great if you prefer to leave your CC in the room safe to avoid losing it in the parks.  When you opt to do this, you can choose which guests are authorized to charge back to the room.  Those guests’ KTTW cards will be noted (see the red circle on the card below).

A few things to note about this KTTW.  First, it’s gold.  If you’re a club level guest, you’ll receive a gold KTTW card.  You’ll not only use it for basic KTTW duties, but it will also gain access to the club level building/floor(s).

Second, it’s designated ‘Room Only.’  Our tickets were not on our KTTW cards on this trip because we used the military ticket offer, and our tickets were separate.

Another thing I don’t have experience with but wanted to at least mention was the Disney Dining Plan.  I’m almost 100% sure that if you’re on the Disney Dining Plan, your meal and snack credits are tied to your KTTW card, too.

And just in case anyone’s interested, here’s the fine print on the back of the KTTW.


Update!!  The Walt Disney World Resort has changed to RFID Key to the World cards!!  All you have to do to gain access to your resort room is hold the key up to the RFID pad.  Here are the new cards:

Key to the World Card

Key to the World Card


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