This video is exactly why we keep coming to Disney World again and again.  Let me set this up by saying there was no set-up!  Let’s be honest, being a Disney Parks nerd, there are a few magical moments I can orchestrate all by myself.  Having the kids “stumble onto” musical chairs at Coke Corner in Disneyland, being in the Animation building in Hollywood Studios at the right moment when the characters start streaming out into the room, knowing which side to stand on for this or that.  You get it.  But there are just those truly memorable magical moments that come out of the blue and give you that “Wow, this is really happening right now” feeling.  And this was one of them.

Stitchy-poo and I were enjoying our last full day at Disney World on our October 2012 trip with our fabulous Florida friends at Animal Kingdom.  It had been a really fantastic day all around, and we decided to end with an unscheduled dinner at Tusker House.  It was nearly empty, so we had a nice mellow dinner with some delish food.  I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of things I really liked.  Think Boma-lite.

After dinner, I had planned to do a mini-photo sesh with Little Red while her mom, CB, took the boys to wander Harambe.  We finished up the photos and headed into Harambe to find them.

So, maybe this happens every evening.  Maybe not.  Maybe the exact same thing happened to a family the day before.  Maybe not.  Maybe the exact same thing happened the next day.  Maybe not.  Perhaps our boys aren’t the best dancers and almost clothesline each other a couple of times.  Could be that this seems like a silly little thing.  But the boys were on cloud nine; the grown-ups were all smiles.  Truly, the only thing that matters to us is that it happened on this day, and we felt like the only people in the park and that it was all for us.  And it’s one of my absolute favorite Disney moments!!

So, thank you Burudika!  Thank you, custodians!  Thank you, college program students!  Thank you, cast members!  What a fabulous way to say goodbye!!

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