Remember back at the beginning of the year when I posted this little gem?  Well, that race fee is still non-refundable, and I’m a little more than a month out from the fateful day…did I stick with it?

My First 5K Training Update

Yes!  Yes, I did.  I still have a lot of work to do, but it looks like I’ll be able to hit this 5K without dying mid-course.  Always good.

My First 5K Training Update

Here is the shirt I was wearing in the first post…and all the extra room in it now!

I did hit a few bumps along the way.  I had some icky knee issues in March and June which were immediately followed by lots of walking at Walt Disney World both times, which was against medical advice.  Oops.  So, I lost several weeks of actual walk/jog/running training, and I’m not exactly where I’d have wanted to be by now, but I’m light years ahead of where I was when I decided to register.  And that’s AWESOME!!

My First 5K Training Update

And the shirt tied behind my back a la the 90s.

Pinterest, as usual, has been major in helping me find lots of different circuits and workouts to supplement my 5K training.  I actually have some muscle in my notoriously weak arms now!!  It’s still nicely, um, insulated, but hopefully it won’t be for much longer.

My two favorite (by favorite, I don’t mean I like them…at all…I mean, I have felt and seen the most results) workouts are just a couple little ten minute circuits that can be repeated if time and energy is agreeable.

My arms were sore for DAAAAYS after this one. I told you, no arm strength whatsoever…back then!

I’m not graceful or balanced enough to do this without looking like one of those dancing hippos in Fantasia, so this happens in the privacy of my bedroom. Hahaha!!

The Ease into 5K app has been awesome!  My favorite part is loading my favorite playlist and hittin’ the road.  You can also program the guy to give you prompts along the way, which is nice.

My other major change has been eating a balanced diet.  I’m not dieting.  I’m integrating more lean proteins and cutting out empty calories.  I haven’t had more than 12 oz of pop since June (and that was only because I was on vacation, and it was free!).  I allow cheating, but since I know what it takes to compensate for it, it doesn’t happen often.  I also know myself and know that a cheat snack can turn into a cheat day then a cheat weekend.  That happened to me last weekend, and I felt awful.  Not just mentally but physically.  Really don’t want to let that happen again.

My First 5K Training Update

Here are the pants I was wearing in a couple of the first post pictures.

I also have to mention that a huge part of this has been my mental change.  As I was overcoming the last knee issue in June, I started to really think about what I was getting into.  Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s 21-day Meditation Challenge popped onto my Twitter one day and proved to be a major component of my training.  I admit, I thought it was going to be a little hokey but dove in headfirst and the benefits were and are awesome!!  It really got me thinking about how to connect and be aware, which made me more excited about improving my physical health along with the mental and spiritual.  It ended up being very cool, and I’m glad I did it.

So, that’s where I am.  I’ve come a long way, but I still have lots to do.  All thanks to that non-refundable registration fee.  Guess when you grow up with a couponing mama (before couponing was “in”), you learn that every dollar is valuable.  No sense in wasting them!  And now five weeks from today I’ll have my first 5K in the books!  Can’t wait to write THAT post!

My First 5K Training Update

Bye-bye, old jeans!

P.S. Sorry for all the selfies!  The house is empty, and I didn’t feel like dragging out a tripod.  At least they’re not in the bathroom!  😉