A few days before school was out for summer this year, Stitchy was part of the Native performance at his school. His little buddy’s parents are part of a performance group, and they try to come to the school at least once a year for a cultural presentation. It most often coincides with Land Run Day, which, here in Oklahoma, is the celebration of the settlers claiming “their” land. While this is a huge part of Oklahoma history, the day’s events don’t usually share the whole story. Enter Native Day. At the elementary level, the goal isn’t yet to go into the specifics regarding how Natives were a part of the Land Run, but to introduce the students to the Native culture and show everyone that Natives are not a thing of the past; their classmates are still involved in a very active and traditional life.

Native Dancing001 Native Dancing002

Native Dancing003 Native Dancing004 Native Dancing005 Native Dancing006

The kiddos got ready in the hall and danced into the gym Grand Entry-style.  The Grand Entry is when the dancers officially enter the arena to dance.  At a pow wow, this often includes all participating dancers.

Native Dancing007 Native Dancing008

After lining up at the front of the gym, each child introduced themselves.  Often they mention what tribe they are, but they didn’t at this performance.  After introductions, each student showcased their dance.

These boys, Stitchy on the end closest to the camera, are straight dancing.

These boys, Stitchy on the end closest to the camera, are straight dancing.

Native Dancing012 Native Dancing013

Next were the fancy shawl dancers.  Their moves and colorful regalia mimic a butterfly.

Native Dancing014 Native Dancing015 Native Dancing016 Native Dancing017

Finally, the fancy dancers showed their stuff.  This is always a favorite at contest pow wows!

Native Dancing018 Native Dancing019

Next, the Native students showed their classmates how to do a very simple dance, the Rabbit Dance.

Native Dancing021

The pre-k through 2nd graders learning the Rabbit Dance

The pre-k through 2nd graders learning the Rabbit Dance

There were some Native students at school who were not a part of the performance, and they were invited to come and join in the two-step.  This is a social dance where couples basically play follow the leader with the head couple.  I was taught that if someone asks you to two-step, you always accept.

Native Dancing022

The performance ended with the Hoop Dance, an exhibition dance, done by Stitchy’s friend’s dad.  He dances while using hoops to make shapes and props all without stopping or dropping them.  If you ever get a chance to see a hoop dancer, don’t pass it up.  So fun to watch!

Mickey Mouse!

Mickey Mouse!

Native Dancing024 Native Dancing025 Native Dancing026

Always ends with the world!

Always ends with the world!

I’m always so proud of Stitchy when he performs for his school.  I love that he’s excited to show his heritage to his schoolmates and teachers.

Native Dancing031 Native Dancing030
Native Dancing029