If you’ve been around the Magic, Memories, Mayhem world for a bit, you may remember my obsession with SMASH*Books and our first SMASH*Book giveaway. If you haven’t or aren’t familiar with SMASH*Books, here’s the quick and dirty…

These sweet little books come jam-packed with fun pages, pockets and more to SMASH in your memories, life, memorabilia or whatever you feel like doing. There are literally no rules. It’s a creative dream!

SMASH*Book Giveaway from MagicMemoriesMayhem.com

SMASH*Book Giveaway from MagicMemoriesMayhem.com

Well, these fun journals/scrapbooks/albums/whatever you want it to be are PERFECTION for all of the magical ephemera you snag during your Disney vacation! I already have one book busting at the spine with Disney fun…

Super fun, right!? Well, in honor of our upcoming road trip to Walt Disney World, we are giving away a SMASH*book to three lucky winners! That’s right! Three of you rock stars will each get your very own SMASH*Book to fill to the brim with fun!! The giveaway runs through the end of our trip, so be sure to follow along on all the outlets posted in the giveaway (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), because I will be posting some bonus giveaway items along the way!

Disney SMASHBook Giveaway from MagicMemoriesMayhem.com

Before you enter, be sure to check out the fine print for Magic, Memories, Mayhem giveaways and good luck! See ya from the road!
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