I just arrived at DFW fresh of my half hour stint in first class. The leg room alone may have totally been worth the extra $400. OK, probably not, but it was nice, and I even got to look out the window! It’s been years since I got the window seat. I usually get booted out by the kids.

Leg room!!!  And I’m 5’10”! 

So, the first huge difference for me flying without the kids…I’m sitting at a free Internet and charging station (that really has no Internet…at least not reliable internet). I’ve never been able to get my computer out at the airport, so it’s nice to catch up on blogging and other things I put off at the house. No distractions or responsibilities in Terminal A, so I can do whatever I want!

I do catch a twinge of “aww” when I see parents and their kids traipsing down the walkway, but I think I’m enjoying the freedom.

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