Over the last couple of months, we got our first taste of the life of a soccer (well, track) mom.  My gpa signed Stitchy-poo up for track with our local YMCA’s spring track program.  Stitchy-poo was the kid who picked flowers in the outfield during his one season of t-ball.  He didn’t even want to set foot on the soccer field.  Track seems to be his thing, though, and I’m so glad he’s found an extracurricular!


The YMCA youth sports teams are headed by volunteer coaches, so if you have an interest in a certain area, contact your YMCA to volunteer!  While we appreciated the time our coaches gave, there was definitely a need for more organization and focused coaching.  Half the time the head coach showed up in platform shoes.  Luckily our gpa was a USMC track star, and he’s been following my younger cousins through the last several years of their high school track meets (one of whom may become a state champ this weekend!).  He was able to give Stitchy-poo lots of coaching and tips for his events.

All smiles at his first track meet!

All smiles at his first track meet!

Track Meet001 Track Meet002 Track Meet003

That aside, Stitchy-poo really enjoyed the practices.  They were held at one of our local high schools, and he felt like a big kid getting to run on the high school track.  He got a brand new pair of running shoes for the season, and he liked suiting up for practice and meets.

Track Meet005 Track Meet010

Stitchy-poo and his little buddy didn't care for the starting gun.

Stitchy-poo and his little buddy didn’t care for the starting gun.

Track Meet007 Track Meet008 Track Meet009

The track meets consisted of track and field events.  Stitchy-poo did the softball throw and ran the 50- and 100-meter dash.  The kids competed with teams from YMCAs in the metro area.  It was great to see them put their practice to use in actual competitions.  I’m not a fan of the now-popular “everybody wins” mentality, so I was glad that each meet had clear winners that were recognized with medals.  It really gave all the kids a reason to strive to be their best.

track001 track002 track003

No matter where he finished, though, our little runner had fun throughout his first real athletic season!  While I mentioned that I’m not into the “everyone wins” school of thought, I’m also not into the “he has to win” camp, either.  He improved over the two months, and he pushed himself as hard as he could at each meet.  That’s all we could ask, and he delivered.  And we’re proud!

track004 track005

Stitchy-poo's cheering section from the last meet of the season

Stitchy-poo’s cheering section from the last meet of the season