Hi I am STITCHY-poo. This is me.
Stitchy-pooat Epcot

I   Like    Toys  and    I  LIke  Food     and  video games.  I  Like  to  make   Storys. I  Like   my   LittLe   Brother.*

I  Like   Mickey Mouse   and     Oswald.  I  met  Mickey Mouse   alot.I met  Mickey  111 times.**  when you  meet   Mickey Mouse   give   him    a   kis  on   the   nose.

Sorcerer Stitchy-poo and Sorcerer Mickey


*Stitchy-poo loves his little cousin so much he’s promoted him to “little brother!”  Just putting this here so no one thinks we’ve banished a secret child from our vacation pictures.  Hahaha!!
**Figure may or may not be accurate.  😉