Sounds so peaceful, doesn’t it?  Whispering Canyon Cafe…can’t you just pictures a babbling brook running outside the window with soft flute music playing in the background?  Well, that’s not what happens here!!  This restaurant in the Wilderness Lodge is a rowdy, raucous, fun for the whole family experience.

Whispering Canyon Cafe

We’ve had the opportunity to dine here a few times.  To really get the full effect, unlike other restaurants, you really want to be here when the restaurant is packed.  The wait staff plays off each other and other guests, and it really makes for a fun meal.  Your straws are thrown on the table and napkins tossed in the air.  How do you not love it?

Whispering Canyon Cafe

Lincoln Logs in the waiting area

As you can see, the kids are also encouraged to run (well, technically gallop, but no one ever listens) around the restaurant in the pony races that take place approximately every half hour.

Whispering Canyon Cafe

These little cuties with Stitchy-poo belong to Giselle of Snap Photography and Design. They often do on location shoots at Disney World. Click this pic to head to their site.

The food here, which can be smelled throughout the lobby, is delicious!!  Good ol’ fashioned barbecue and cowboy cookin’ is served up all-you-can-eat family style, or you can order an appetizer off the menu, as they are often large enough to serve as a meal.  Although not listed, they’ve been able to create a kids’ meal of chicken drumsticks and sides for Stitchy-poo.  Your miles may vary, but the worst they can say is no.

Whispering Canyon Cafe

See his chicken in the corner?

Whispering Canyon Cafe

They also, like most Disney restaurants, celebrate special occasions with a sweet treat.  My mom and I both celebrated birthdays at Whispering Canyon.

Whispering Canyon Cafe Whispering Canyon Cafe

Whispering Canyon Cafe

That thing was HUGE!

The restaurant opens up right into the breathtaking lobby of the Wilderness Lodge.

Whispering Canyon Cafe Whispering Canyon Cafe Whispering Canyon Cafe Whispering Canyon Cafe

If you’re staying at or near the Wilderness Lodge, make time for a meal at Whispering Canyon.  Even if you’re not, the food and fun are worth the trip.  Oh, and don’t forget to ask for ketchup.  😉

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