I can’t believe it’s been a year already since Stitchy’s last birthday party!!  My babies are growing waaaay too fast (HBelle just graduated 5th grade, too!!)!!  Last year, we threw a backyard carnival, but this year we decided to WRECK IT!!  Stitchy was wavering between Mario and Sonic, so we decided to turn to Disney (of course).  A Wreck-It Ralph theme gave us a reason to throw together Stitchy’s favorite video game characters!

Wreck-It Ralph Party

I do have to admit this year’s party did kind of sneak up on me.  I’m normally planning ridiculously far in advance, and for one reason or another, that didn’t happen this year.  That being said, these kiddos are perfectly happy as long as they’re playing together.

I had a free credit on Snapfish for photo cards earned, appropriately, from Disney Movie Rewards.  We took photos on our March Walt Disney World trip specifically for these invitations.


HBelle had water shooters at her birthday party last year, and Stitchy knew since then that he wanted to have them for his.  They were a Dollar Tree find, so we grabbed a couple dozen, filled up a water container and let the kids go wild.  Luckily the weather dried the kids pretty quickly, so they were free to really drench each other.  😉

Wreck-It Ralph Party003 Wreck-It Ralph Party001 Wreck-It Ralph Party002 Wreck-It Ralph Party008 Wreck-It Ralph Party004 Wreck-It Ralph Party006 Wreck-It Ralph Party007 Wreck-It Ralph Party005

We booked three hours at the Rotary House in Norman for his party this year, thirty minutes each for set-up and two hours for the party.  Rental includes tables and chairs and a basically blank canvas inside.  It was the perfect size for his “friend party” this year.  Additionally, the building features a small kitchen with sink, full fridge/freezer and microwave, two fully equipped and stocked restrooms and a cleaning closet with supplies.  Renters are instructed to clean the building, as the city only provides an employee to unlock and lock the facility.

Another great amenity of this location is the playground just behind it.  It was the perfect spot for the kids to run around and dry off before they came into the building for eats, sweets and pictures.

Wreck-It Ralph Party013 Wreck-It Ralph Party012 Wreck-It Ralph Party011 Wreck-It Ralph Party009 Wreck-It Ralph Party010

After the kids just couldn’t stand the fun of the playground anymore, we headed back to the building for snacks.  Since the party this year was between meal times, we just provided light snacks: taquitos, Bagel Bites, fruit, chips, cookies and root beer floats!  YUM!

Wreck-It Ralph Party020

Wish I’d taken better pics of my banner! That was all me! Thank you Cricut and laminator!!

Wreck-It Ralph Party

Thanks so much to Becky at Come Home to Disney for sharing her Root Beer Tapper labels with us!
They’re adorable! Click the pic to see her Wreck-it Ralph party post!

Wreck-It Ralph Party014 Wreck-It Ralph Party015

As the kids started to finish their snacks, our fabulous photographer, Channe Keenan of Channe Nicole Photography, started shooting away at our table cloth (thank you Pinterest!!) back drop.  Who knew it was so hard to find teal table cloths?!  A friend texted me at 7:30 in the morning the day before our party to tell me she’d seen them at Wal-Mart in the next city.  Crazy!!

Photo Backdrop001

Photo props were a DIY a couple nights before the party.  See, told you I was last minute on this one.  I printed the characters on white cardstock (after realizing I was kidding myself when I bought foam sheets with thoughts of recreating the characters with that), cut them out, stuck ’em in my laminator then glued them to dowels.  Easy peasy, and the kids had lots of fun with them!

After we had pictures of fairly clean children, it was time to bust out the cake.  I always have visions of making an elaborate cake.  From scratch.  Thanks, Pinterest, for giving me pipe dreams.  It didn’t happen again this year.  However, Sam’s comes to the rescue every time.  Not much in the way of Wreck-It Ralph designs, but we rounded out the cake with some of Stitchy’s toys.

Wreck-It Ralph Party026 Wreck-It Ralph Party022 Wreck-It Ralph Party023 Wreck-It Ralph Party024 Wreck-It Ralph Party025 Wreck-It Ralph Party027 Wreck-It Ralph Party028

After sugaring them up on cake and root beer floats, it was time to build Sugar Rush racers!!  Again, lots of Dollar Tree supplies since I wasn’t too worried about taste, just creativity.

Wreck-It Ralph Party030 Wreck-It Ralph Party031 Wreck-It Ralph Party032 Wreck-It Ralph Party033 Wreck-It Ralph Party035

Wreck-It Ralph Party034

HBelle was going for sugar coma.

Wreck-It Ralph Party036 Wreck-It Ralph Party037 Wreck-It Ralph Party038 Wreck-It Ralph Party039 Wreck-It Ralph Party040 Wreck-It Ralph Party041 Wreck-It Ralph Party042

And that was the party!  It’s amazing how fast the two hours goes.  Despite my last minute scrambling, Stitchy has now declared this party the BEST.  ONE.  EVER!  😉  It’s a traveling title.

I didn't have time to order his typical book this year, so we went with the autograph frame featuring a photo collage from Walgreens (hello, FREE!) with pictures from each of his birthdays.

I didn’t have time to order his typical book this year, so we went with the autograph frame featuring a photo collage from Walgreens (hello, FREE!) with pictures from each of his birthdays.

Wreck-It Ralph Party017 Wreck-It Ralph Party018 Wreck-It Ralph Party045 Wreck-It Ralph Party046 Wreck-It Ralph Party044 Wreck-It Ralph Party043



Rotary House via Norman Parks and Recreation – Venue

Channe Nicole Photography – Photography (photos in this post are a mix of my own and Channe’s)

Sam’s Club Bakery – Wreck-It Ralph Cake and Angry Bird Cupcakes

Walgreens Photo – Photo Collage (sign up for emails to receive free offers!)

Snapfish – Invitations
As I mentioned last year, I’m not a huge fan of Snapfish’s customer service as of the past year or so.  While they eventually may resolve the problem, there is a lot of miscommunication and misunderstanding when trying to access help.  I had a free credit for cards from Snapfish from Disney Movie Rewards, so I went with them on this one.


Feel free to contact us with any questions about any aspect of this party.  As always, huge thanks to all the aunties and moms who help each of Stitchy’s parties go off without a hitch.  🙂