We had the pleasure of enjoying dinner at Be Our Guest, Walt Disney World’s newest restaurant, during the first few days after the New Fantasyland grand opening in December 2012.  Although a quick service restaurant at lunch, the Beast’s castle transforms into a table service for dinner.

Be Our Guest

Reservations are still pretty tough to secure, but if you’re interested in dining here for dinner (and avoiding the long lunch lines), keep trying online and via phone.  We saw several people turned away while waiting for our reservation time, so walk-ups probably are very few and far between at this point.

The exterior of the restaurant features stained glass and mosaics, as well as a stonework look and several statues leading to the door and then flanking it.

Be Our Guest Restaurant001 Be Our Guest Restaurant002

Be Our Guest

Be Our Guest

Bridge leading to the restaurant

Be Our Guest Be Our Guest Be Our Guest Be Our Guest

Be Our Guest

Lit for the evening

Be Our Guest

It was an unseasonably chilly day in Magic Kingdom, so we were glad to be escorted inside, as we were waiting outside of the restaurant for our table to be ready.

Be Our Guest

Looking outside from the foyer

Be Our Guest

Restrooms just inside the entrance

Be Our Guest

We were having dinner in the mysterious West Wing, which we were led to by way of the gorgeous, grand ballroom.

Be Our Guest Restaurant032 Be Our Guest Restaurant012 Be Our Guest Restaurant013 Be Our Guest Restaurant028 Be Our Guest Restaurant008 Be Our Guest Restaurant027 Be Our Guest Restaurant026

The West Wing is quite a bit more intimate than the ballroom.  It’s home to the enchanted rose that harbors the Beast’s curse.  Every twenty minutes, the last petal falls and the storm starts brewing.  Be sure to keep an eye on Prince Adam’s portrait when this happens.

Be Our Guest Be Our Guest Be Our Guest Be Our Guest Be Our Guest Be Our Guest Be Our Guest

With the atmosphere set, it was time to peruse the menu.  We ordered hot chocolate right off the bat.  It came in a large teacup and was delicious!!  A bowl of potato leek soup was also a must for that chilly day.

Stitchy-poo had fallen asleep at this point, so he curled up on a chair while the rest of us ordered.  Gma had the grilled strip steak, mom chose the cornish hen, and I enjoyed the shrimp and scallops.  Of course, we all sampled a bit of all three dishes.  Everything was very good, but I enjoyed the shrimp and scallops the most.

Be Our Guest

Be Our Guest

Grilled Strip Steak with Garlic Butter and Pommes Frites

Be Our Guest

Rotisserie Cornish Hen with Roasted Fingerling Potatoes and Seasonal Vegetables

Be Our Guest

Sauteed Shrimp and Scallops Served in a Puff Pastry with Creamy Lobster Sauce

Last, and certainly not least, we indulged in a little dessert!  The dessert carts are so adorably Beauty and the Beast that guests can’t help but save a little room just to choose something from the offerings.  We shared the chocolate cupcake and cream puff.  Both were yummy, but the cupcake was ridiculously so.  In fact, I’m kind of drooling now.

Be Our Guest

Be Our Guest

Triple Chocolate Cupcake (chocolate sponge cake, chocolate mousse filling and choclate ganache)

Be Our Guest

Chocolate Cream Puff (filled with chocolate mousse topped with whipped cream)

As I was celebrating my December birthday (remember, December babies, we milk any non-Christmas celebration for all it’s worth!!), I also got to try “the grey stuff!”  I won’t spoil it for anyone, but it’s, well, delicious!  At this time, I do believe it’s only served to guests celebrating special occasions, but it seems that’s almost everyone these days, so slap on your button and see if you don’t get a dollop.

Be Our Guest Grey Stuff

While not technically a character meal, Beast does make a quick appearance or two in the dining rooms but does not visit individual tables.  After dinner, though, he greets departing guests in the study (which is where lunch is ordered during the quick service hours).  A PhotoPass photographer was present.  The beast does not sign autographs.  Giant hands, you know.  If he can’t eat from a spoon (points if you get the reference!), writing his name with a teeny Sharpie probably isn’t going to work, either.

Be Our Guest Restaurant030

Be Our Guest

After your audience with Beast, you make your way back to the foyer, but take a minute to stop and listen to the suits of armor in the hall.

Be Our Guest Be Our Guest


LunchAlthough we haven’t tried lunch at Be Our Guest yet, I was able to get a walk-through of the lunch experience on a recent Agent Education Program at Walt Disney World.

Lunch guests enter through the study, which is where dinner guests actually end their meal.

Be Our Guest Restaurant003 Be Our Guest Restaurant004 Be Our Guest Restaurant031

Guests stop at the podium and receive their magical rose, which will be used during the ordering and delivering process.

Be Our Guest Restaurant006

These screens showcase the menus during lunch and music at all other times.

Be Our Guest Restaurant005

The rose and method of RFID payment (currently Key to the World cards but will soon also be MagicBands) are tapped on Mickey, and guests can order and even customize their meals.  A register is also available for cash and credit card payments.  Of course, cast members are always on hand to help.

Be Our Guest Restaurant029

Once the meal is ordered, the rose is placed on the dining table and “tells” the dishes you are seated.  Et voila!  Lunch is served.

The Rose Gallery is a third dining room open only for lunch.

Be Our Guest Restaurant025 Be Our Guest Restaurant023 Be Our Guest Restaurant022 Be Our Guest Restaurant021 Be Our Guest Restaurant016 Be Our Guest Restaurant015 Be Our Guest Restaurant014 Be Our Guest Restaurant018 Be Our Guest Restaurant024

We will 100% be back at Be Our Guest (well, assuming we can snag another reservation)!!  The atmosphere is wonderful, and the food lived up to the hype.  We may try to brave the lines to sample the lunch menu and experience on our next trip, too.

Be sure to tell this guy we said hi!

Be sure to tell this guy we said hi!

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