Mama Melrose, a cute little Italian place tucked away behind the Muppets, just off the Streets of America, is hardly noticeable if you weren’t looking for it.  We ended up there on the kids’ first vacation back in 2008.  When I was making dining reservations, it was the only restaurant with availability for the Fantastmic! Dining Package.  Not knowing that we weren’t, in fact, doomed to SRO if we didn’t have reserved seating at Fantastmic!, I snatched it up.

Mama Melrose

P.S. The plate was prettier before little fingers found the chocolate.

Reviews tend to give this place a bad name, at least in my experience.  We actually enjoyed our dinner here.  We weren’t expecting authentic Italian, by any means, so we were satisfied with the chain restaurant-esque meals.  Of course, we didn’t eat much.  As it worked out that we could only get a 4:30 dinner slot.  After an 11:30 lunch at 50s Prime Time Cafe where we stuffed ourselves, we really only had room for small portions.

Even if the fare isn’t spectacular (and we will say we really, really enjoyed the flatbread) in the eyes of the Disney masses, it’s a fun place to play with your food!

Mama Melrose Mama Melrose Mama Melrose

And this may be why I try to stick up for this place…HBelle got to be Chef of the Day (even if they did butcher her name), and she couldn’t have been more excited.

Mama Melrose Mama Melrose

Excuse the flash.  This was in my pre-blogger days, and I was more concerned with capturing the moments in the dark restaurant than the harsh light it casted on the scene.  😉

Would I recommend Mama Melrose?  Eh, you could probably take it or leave it.  We tend to gravitate towards 50s Prime Time when in Hollywood Studios, so we haven’t been back to Mama Melrose since the kids’ first go-round.  If you’re on the dining plan and need to burn a table service credit, you could do it here.  Or if you’re looking for a little Zio’s-ish meal on your Hollywood Studios day, chances are you can get a walk-up here.  It’s not a bad place, but there are more “Disney” restaurants we’d choose to dine in when on vacation.  We like over the top theming.  😉

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