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With the recent opening of New Fantasyland, we thought it would be a great time to get some Disney beauty into a lucky Disney geek’s home!  This pair of lithographs featuring New Fantasyland attractions Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid and Enchanted Tales with Belle (and some bonus fun stuff!) will be given away to one random winner.

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Double Trouble Takes on Magic Kingdom

On the infamous day five, Stitchy-poo asked if he could come back and hang out again Friday before his other grandparents and he left early that Saturday.  No question.  Of course!!  With the combination of the rockin’ good time and Jellyrolls and the fact that time is of no consequence to some people, we got a late start that day.  But, remember, I put (well, at least I tried) my OCD tendencies on the meticulously organized shelf for this trip, so that was fine.  Totally fine.  Yeah.

Our fantastic friends came over to the Beach Club so the boys could play for a while at the hotel before we decided what to do.  In a unanimous vote, we met up with CB’s fabulous band of Epcot alumni at Magic Kingdom.  Want to make a Disney geek happy?  Find people that know more Disney than she does!  I was loving all the little tidbits here and there.  That, and this group is ridiculously hilarious.  Never a dull moment!!  Was so excited to be able to meet up with them again on our subsequent trips in 2012.

After a stop at the Beach Club Marketplace to get the Double Trouble Twins appropriately attired, we were off for some MK fun!

Just Us or Pooh vs. Poo

So, the fifth day of my not-so-solo solo trip had me moving yet again.  This time, though, I was just crossing the bridge over to the Beach Club.  It was fairly early, but my room was ready, so I decided to settle in and relax.  The room was a little off, but since it was only me, I decided to let it slide.

After a while, a friend of mine texted that she’d arrived at the Beach Club Villas and was hanging out while her room was being prepped.  I decided to go over and chat for a bit while waiting on Stitchy-poo to get up and around for the day (his travel party definitely doesn’t travel the way we do!!).  It’s always fun to be able to reveal the Disney ultra-geek in me with other friends who share the sickness.  🙂  After chatting about an hour, I grabbed a late lunch at the Beach Club Marketplace and headed back to the room.

When Stitchy-poo finally arrived, we decided we’d head to Magic Kingdom.  Since he hadn’t done any character meals or had much character time (and this kid’s character CRAZY!), I knew we had to try to find a reservation somewhere.  I worked a little magic, and we secured a dinner spot at Crystal Palace.

By this time, Stitchy-Poo had used up all his days on the tickets his other grandparents had purchased (they only had five days on their 10-day trip!), but being the uber-planner I am, I brought along our military tickets from our May trip, which still had a couple entries on them.  So, tickets in hand, off we went for our “Just Us” evening.

We had to stop to run around in this little courtyard full of reptiles before we left the Beach Club


New Fantasyland Dress Rehearsal

We just yesterday returned from another magical trip to the World!!!  This time, though, we got to experience something completely new, and that’s getting fairly hard to come by for this family.  We happened upon the soft opening of a portion of the New Fantasyland.  After receiving emails about the passholder preview, I was slightly jealous that I’d have to wait until December, but the Magic Kingdom gods smiled upon us, and we wandered through the Beauty and the Beast and Little Mermaid sections of the expansion.  Now, without further ado…PICTURES!!!